All Lives Matter as a response to Black Lives Matter is offensive because it is a white response that denies we live in a country that daily shows that white lives matter more and black lives often matter very little.

Whites with LESS education than blacks earn the same and higher salaries.

Whites who commit the SAME crimes as blacks are charged, convicted, and sentenced LESS.

Whites with elite college degrees are called back MORE than blacks with the same elite degrees for job interviews.

[See HERE for evidence related to above.]

White males outnumber black males 6 to 1 but black males are in prison 6 to 1 compared to white males BECAUSE BLACKS ARE TARGETED MORE OFTEN (read The New Jim Crow).

Black children are seen as much older than they really are compared to white children and thus are treated aggressively and harshly by authority figures (Tamir Rice).

Black Lives Matter is a call to recognize an evil in a country that claims to be free but where that applies only to some.

For good people who truly want all lives to matter, you must first acknowledge the regrettable need for Black Lives Matter and you must be in solidarity and resist the white urge to offer your “yes, but…” whitewashing of the ugly realities that created Black Lives Matter.

[If you have the social media urge to “yes, but” this post, I will delete it because that would prove you didn’t read and don’t, can’t get it. Otherwise, peace.]