National Poetry Month 2016: Recommending Dorothea Lasky

A couple of years ago, I blogged in defense of poetry for National Poetry Month.

This morning, on the most loathed for me of holidays, April Fool’s Day, I happened to discover through Twitter the poetry of Dorothea Lasky.

In my formative years of college, possibly the first thing I came to recognize that I am is that I am a poet. It is in my bones, and not something I decided or even control.

So for National Poetry Month 2016, I invite you to share the pleasure I did in discovering Lasky’s work, starting with these:


  1. dayskies

    Thank you for this delightful piece, delightful because it speaks to me. I too am one who feels like i was born for this. I woke up one night with some words flowing off of my tongue, they were somewhat incoherent and senseless to me but they flow. in the end I even got the name for the piece “Prelude” since then I can’t seem to sop writing. say what you think of this please. &

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