In-Press: Pedagogies of Kindness and Respect: On the Lives and Education of Children (Peter Lang USA)

P.L. Thomas, Paul R. Carr, Julie Gorlewski, and Brad J. Porfilio, eds.

[Draft cover, original artwork by A. Scott Henderson]


Table of Contents

Introduction: “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

P. L. Thomas, Paul R. Carr, Julie Gorlewski, and Brad J. Porfilio, editors

Section One: Theoretical Framework

Chapter One: Public Education and the Ethics of Care: Toward a Politics of Kindness?

Rachel K. Brickner

Chapter Two: Are We Educating Our Children Within a Culture of Care?

Michael Burger

Chapter Three: No Excuses for “No Excuses”: Counternarratives and Student Agency

Sharon M. Chubbuck and Brandon Buck

Chapter Four: Empathic Education for a Compassionate Nation: A Pedagogy of Kindness and Respect for Healing Educational Trauma

Lee-Anne Gray

Section 2: Pedagogies of Kindness and Children 

Chapter Five: Renewing the Confucian Tradition: Kindness and Respect in Children’s Everyday Schooling

Jiacheng Li and Mei Ni

Chapter Six: “When I explain it, you’ll understand”: Children’s Voices on Educational Care

Maria K. McKenna

Chapter Seven: Prekindergarten Policy and Politics: Discursive (Inter)play on Readying the Ideal Learner

Angela C. Passero, Carrie L. Gentner, and Vonzell Agosto

Chapter Eight: Nurtured Nature: The Connection Between Care for Children and Care for the Environment

Chiara D’Amore and Denise Mitten

Section Three: Curricular Dimensions of the Pedagogies of Kindness

Chapter Nine: Love, Learning, and the Arts

Jane Dalton

Chapter Ten: Aesthetic Reading and Historical Empathy: Humanizing Approaches to “Letter From Birmingham Jail”

Jason L. Endacott, Christian Z. Goering, and Joseph E. O’Brien

Chapter Eleven: Re-Storying “Progress” Through Familial Curriculum Making: Toward a Husbandry of Rooted Lives

Sarah Fischer

Chapter Twelve: Music Education, Character Development, and Advocacy: The Philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki

Karin S. Hendricks

Chapter Thirteen: Tough Kindness: Reconciling Student Needs and Interests in 1940s Black Progressive High Schools

Craig Kridel

Chapter Fourteen: Doodles, Birds, and Abstract Words: The Experience of Caring

Karinna Riddett-Moore

Chapter Fifteen: No More Disrespect: Teaching All Students to Question Right and Wrong in History

Laura J. Dull and Diana B. Turk

Section Four: The Political Economy of the Pedagogies of Kindness

Chapter Sixteen: Peace Education About the Lives of Children

Candice C. Carter

Chapter Seventeen: Acknowledging and Validating LGBT Identities: Toward a Pedagogy of Compassion

A. Scott Henderson

Chapter Eighteen: Reclaiming Kindness, Courage, and Compassionate Justice in Difficult Educational Times

Ursula A. Kelly

Chapter Nineteen: A Critical Pedagogy of Care and Respect: What Queer Literacy Pedagogy Can Teach Us About Education for Freedom

Cammie Kim Lin

Chapter Twenty: Toward Pedagogies of “Senseless Kindness” in Critical Education

Michalinos Zembylas, Robert Hattam, and Maija Lanas

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