Top Posts of 2014

As a writer (and teacher), I am humbled and grateful for you, the readers. So here as a “thank you” more than anything else are my top posts of 2014 (modified as a Top 10, which is more than 10 because I list the actual top 10 of 2014 and expand to include top 10 published in 2014).

And for 2015, I sincerely wish for all, peace & happiness. Let’s see what we all can do to make that happen for others and ourselves.

Modified Top Posts of 2014

Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”: Allegory of Privilege (2013) – 9,972

Diagramming Sentences and the Art of Misguided Nostalgia – 5,117

NPR Whitewashes “Grit” Narrative – 4,967

Open Letter to Teachers Unions, Professional Organizations, and Teacher Education – 4,819

The Poverty Trap: Slack, Not Grit, Creates Achievement (2013) – 4,427

What do College Professors Want from Incoming High School Graduates? – 3,960

“Fahrenheit 451” 60 Years Later: “Why do we need the things in books?” (2013) – 3,075

Richard Sherman’s GPA and “Thug” Label: The Codes that Blind – 2,568

New Criticism, Close Reading, and Failing Critical Literacy Again – 2,283

“Education as Great Equalizer” Deforming Myth, Not Reality – 2,204

The “Grit” Narrative, “Grit” Research, and Codes that Blind – 2,128

Reading Out of Context: “But there was something missing,” Walter Dean Myers – 2,108

UPDATED: Grit, Education Narratives Veneer for White, Wealth Privilege – 2,094

Top Posts of 2013


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