James Baldwin: “a gesture can blow up a town”

[With appreciation to posting HERE, South/South]

a gesture can blow up a town


2 thoughts on “James Baldwin: “a gesture can blow up a town”

  1. Fifty-four years ago, James Baldwin described today, as if it were today. Or, is it, that nothing truly changes. Time stands still. Life stands still. Or, do we travel through time or does time travel through us? Who invented the watch, the calendar, the eternal cup to see if we live half-full or half-empty…the measure sticks of our mortality…our bestiality… our existence and non-existence.

    Fifty-four years from now, who will remember you or me a mere generation-and-a-half from now. Who knows? Who cares? What truly matters is Now! So, make it a “gesture” to overtly recognize whoever passes by our space; our tangible, precious moment in time.

    The juices were flowing. I must have been in one of your English classes; subconsciously, at least.

    Paul, Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.


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