Top Posts of 2013, and Thank You

This year, 2013, is when I took the plunge and began blogging at my own site—despite trepidation about “who was I..” and “who would bother….”

Because of the kindness of my fellow educators, bloggers, and Twitter-friends, I am very pleased with how many read and share my work. It is something I value as someone driven to write.

I am now tiptoeing into another commitment that started this month, but will blur into 2014—another writer urge, and thus a renewed anxiety. I am hopeful it can be even partially as fulfilling as committing to this blog.

And thus, thank you, thank you all deeply …

As a teacher and university academic/scholar perched among those who still expect academics/scholars to prepare peer-reviewed articles for journals almost no one will read and to take a nonpolitical pose, I have offered and will continue to offer this blog as an argument that our public work, our open-access work, our political voices are what truly matters most.

And thus, my top posts of 2013, those with 1000 views or more:

The Poverty Trap: Slack, Not Grit, Creates Achievement 4,643
What We Know Now (and How It Doesn’t Matter) 3,462
Neil Gaiman Should Be U.S. Secretary of Education: “Things can be different” 1,929
Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage 1,920
A Call for Non-Cooperation: So that Teachers Are Not Foreigners in Their Own Profession 1,649
Just Say No to Just Read, Florida, South Carolina 1,558
Kids Count on Public Education, Not Grit or “No Excuses” 1,549
The Unintended Lessons from Florida: Class Grades, pt. 2 1,527
“Fahrenheit 451″ 60 Years Later: “Why do we need the things in books?” 1,481
Unmasking the Meritocracy Myth 1,471
The (Lingering) Bill Gates Problem in School Reform 1,259
IN-PRESS: James Baldwin: Challenging Authors (Sense Publishers) 1,169
Tim Tebow and the “Hard Work” Myth: No Excuses? 1,141
Teacher Quality, Wiggins and Hattie: More Doing the Wrong Things the Right Ways 1,130
Contemporary Education Reform and “A Cult of Ignorance” 995

2 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2013, and Thank You

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  2. Thanks! You have been my favorite blog this year. You give voice to a point of view that is rarely represented in education today. Keep us posted!

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